DRASTIC Database

The Drastic Database is a relational database developed by SCRI (Scottish Crop Research Institute) and UAD ( University of Abertay Dundee). It incorporates data from published refereed papers containing plant molecular responses, microarrays, Northerns and ESTs regulated by a wide range of environmental stresses, pathogens and elicitors referred to here as treatments.

The effects of each treatment on the up- or down- regulation of gene expression have been used to populated the database. At the time of writing there are more than 13,500 gene accessions relating to over 280 different treatments in over 60 plant species taken from over 300 references.

This data can be searched and manipulated using the web tools provided by the Drastic Insight project available from www.drastic.org.uk.

The Drastic database is updated with new data on a daily basis.

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